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Exhibitor Manual

General Show Information

For assistance, please contact our Exhibitor Service Department at 888-334-8704, 203-840-5648 or inquiry@interphexexpo.com

Move-in, Show and Move Out Hours


The installation of exhibits will take place according to the target map. Please contact FREEMAN for more information regarding move-in times and dates at 201-246-2160. Ask to be connected to the freight department.

Friday, April 19 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday, April 20 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, April 21 8:00am – 12:00pm
Monday, April 22 8:00am – 5:00pm

All exhibits must be completely set up by 5:00pm on Monday, April 22. No installation will be allowed after this time. You are able to "fine tune" or "debug" your equipment prior to show opening on Tuesday, April 23 OVERTIME CHARGES APPLY to any work performed before 8:00am and after 4:30pm on weekdays and anytime on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.


Tuesday, April 23 10:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, April 24 10:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday, April 25 10:00am – 3:00pm

Badged exhibitors will have access to the Exhibit Hall at 8am each morning.


Thursday, April 25 3:00pm - 11:00pm
* Empty containers will be returned by 10:00pm
Friday, April 26 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday, April 27 8:00am – 2:00pm

To ensure all exhibitor materials are removed from the exhibit facility by the Exhibitor Move-Out deadline please have all carries check-in by Saturday, April 27 by 10:00am

All exhibits must be removed from the exhibit facility by1:00 pm on Saturday, April 27.

In accordance with the display rules and regulations:

  • No exhibits or display may be dismantled before the official close of the show on Thursday, April 25.
  • No one under the age of 18, including infants and strollers, will be admitted in the exhibit hall at any time. There will be no exceptions.

Show Information (A-Z Guide)

In accordance with display rules and regulations and security measures, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted in the exhibit hall at any time, including infants and strollers. There will be no exceptions.

KVL Audio Visual Services is the official audio/visual services. They will maintain a full staff on site. Refer to the Official Contractors section of this manual for order form.

Booth equipment, services and furnishings are available through the Official General Contractor, FREEMAN. Order forms for these services should be completed and returned promptly to take advantage of the advance discount pricing. Please be sure to indicate your booth number on all forms. Refer to the General Contractor section of this manual for order form.

Fedex/Kinkos will operate a full service business center on-site to provide copy and fax services, cell phone and pager rental, and small package shipping, etc.You may contact them by phone 212-753-7580, fax 212-753-7703 or email at usa0537@kinkos.com.

Centerplate has exclusive rights to all catering in the facility. Menus and order forms can be found in the Facility/Utilities section of this manual.

Cleaning crews will be provided for general exhibit hall clean up, including aisles, each day before the opening of the Show and during Show hours. If you need cleaning services in your booth -- vacuuming, shampooing, trash removal – you can order these services by using the form in the Facility/Utilites section of this manual. Show Management does not provide cleaning or vacuuming for booth carpet at any time.

National Micro-Rentals (NMR) is the official computer supplier. They will maintain a full staff on site for all of your computer needs. Please refer to the Official Contractors section of this manual for order form.

If any copyrighted music is to be played in your booth, you must obtain all necessary licenses from the copyright owner or licensing agency representing the copyright owner. The licensing requirements include the playing of live, as well as recorded music, (records, tapes, compact discs, etc.) and also include music, whether it is the essence of the presentation or is only used as background, on a videotape or other presentation.

The proper license must be posted in your booth and available for inspection at the request of Show Management or properly authorized agents of ASCAP or BMI. We advise you to contact these agencies as listed below to acquire the proper licenses:

ASCAP Licensing Dept.
1 Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY10023
Tel: 212-621-6000
BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.)
10 Music Square East
Nashville, TN37203-4399
Tel: 800-925-8451, 615-401-2000

Adherence to these federally mandated copyright licensing laws is of critical importance. Failure to do so is both a violation of federal copyright law, and a breach of your contract for exhibit space for the Show.

Empty crates will be removed to storage and returned to your booth at the end of the Show by our floor crew at no additional charge, provided you have used material handling services for the delivery of your booth. Do not store merchandise in crates or cartons marked for empty storage.

The following rules and guidelines specify what an exhibitor can and cannot do with their booth space. These rules and guidelines are based on the physical characteristics of the exhibit hall, the intent to be equally fair to all exhibitors, and the safety of all concerned. Please review these rules and plan your display accordingly as variances will not be granted prior to the Show or on-site.

Demonstration areas must be confined within the exhibit space so as not to interfere with any traffic in the aisles. Exhibitors must contract sufficient space to be able to comply with this rule.

When large crowds gather to watch a demonstration and interfere with the flow of traffic down the aisles or create excessive crowds at neighboring booths, it is an infringement on the rights of other exhibitors. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time.

Equipment, product or machinery, when displayed to demonstrate or simulate industrial application, are exempt from the foregoing height limits, but are restricted only by ceiling height, as well as building and safety codes.

All backwalls, sidewalls or any other exposed areas of the display must be draped or finished surfaces. No graphics, logos, or print facing into another booth is allowed. Any company advertisement or promotion must face into the aisle.

In-line and peninsula booths must have a finished back wall covering the back of the booth. See-through back walls or displays which do not cover the back wall completely will not be allowed.


After 5pm on Monday, April 22nd any part of a booth with unfinished side or backwalls will be draped by Show Management at the expense of the exhibitor

The backside of walls - the common border facing a neighboring booth - must be clear of copy, logos, or other graphics, so as not to be an eyesore to neighboring exhibitors.

INTERPHEX follows the cubic content rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space. Under the cubic content rule, exhibitors may build up to the front of their booths, and up to the maximum allowable height according to booth type as indicated below.

Examples of Cubic Content

Examples of Cubic Content

The following maximum height limits will be strictly enforced. No height variances will be granted prior to or on site at the show. Please plan your booth display and sign structures accordingly.

Linear Booth
Bounded by 1 or 2 aisles

10 feet
Perimeter In-Line Booth
Bounded by 1 or 2 aisles and situated along the perimeter of the show floor
10 feet
Peninsula Booth
Bounded by 3 aisles
16 feet

Island Booth
Bounded by 4 aisles

20 feet

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing will be permitted above these maximum heights, including signs, banners, truss structures, lighting, and display materials

Any booth not occupied by 12:00 PM on Monday, April 22nd will be presumed abandoned. If there is freight in the booth and Show Management believes the exhibitor will be late, then FREEMAN will set up the display as best they can with the information available. If there is no freight in the booth and/or Show Management believes the exhibitor will not participate in the show, the booth will be reassigned. Exhibitors arriving after this time will be given space available and may incur additional costs.

All exhibits must be completely set by 5pm on Monday, April 22nd. Although exhibitors may fine tune their booth before Show opening, no shipment will be accepted after Monday April 22nd at 5pm. No shipment, equipment, or material may be brought onto the show floor during show hours.

All electrical work will be done exclusively by the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center electricians. Refer to the Electrical order form in the Facility/Utilities section of this manual.

Exhibitor staff personnel wishing to enter the exhibit floor must wear an exhibitor badge at all times. Refer to the Exhibitor Badges/Lead Retrieval section for order information.

FREEMAN will maintain a ServiceCenter during set-up, Show days and dismantling. All other official show contractors will also be set up in this area as well. Refer to the Quick Facts page in the General Contractor section for hours of operation.

All inquiries regarding booth services and orders should be made at the Exhibitor Service Center, including booth furnishings, labor, freight, utilities, and special show services. Exhibitors who have ordered labor are asked to check in at this desk when they are ready to install their exhibits.

The person in charge of your exhibit should carefully inspect and sign for all work order forms. If you disagree with a bill presented for your signature, question it immediately. If you cannot come to a satisfactory agreement with the contractor, contact Show Management. Do not put it off. Once the Show has ended, it becomes very difficult to resolve issues.

The New York City Fire Marshal, in conjunction with the JacobK. Javits Convention Center, has very specific fire regulations/restrictions and permit requirements regarding display material within the exhibit hall. These regulations are detailed in the Display Regulations in this section of the manual.

Spring Valley Floral is the official florist. A service representative will be available on-site. Please refer to the Official Contractors section for order form.

Call the INTERPHEX Travel Desk at 1-800-388-8108 or visit our website at www.interphex.comfor discounted rates on hotel, airline and car rental. Please see the Hotel/Travel section of the manual for details on hotels and important deadlines.

TWI is the official provider of international shipping, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and related services for the Show. All merchandise imported into the United States requires Custom House Clearance prior to release from any USA port or airport. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to adhere to customs and international guidelines. The exhibitor must insure that all documents are valid and complete and procedures are followed correctly. Show Management will not be held liable for freight held up due to customs issues, duty payments or any other problems related to inbound and outbound international shipments. Please refer to the Shipping and/or International Exhibitors sections for additional information.

New York City has several major unions that have jurisdiction over trade shows. Please plan now to abide by labor regulations. FREEMAN is the official labor contractor. Labor arrangements may be made to set-up, service and dismantle your exhibit. Information regarding labor jurisdiction can be found in the General Contractor section of this manual. If you have any further questions or would like a quote for labor services, you may contact FREEMAN directly at 201-246-2160.

Exhibitors using contractors other than FREEMAN for labor and/or supervision must return the EXHIBITOR DESIGNATED CONTRACTOR form to Show Management prior to April 2nd. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE AFTER THIS DATE.

Refer to the Exhibitor Badges/Lead Retrieval section for more information.

Exhibitors are advised to see that their regular company insurance includes coverage outside of company premises and that they have their own theft, public liability and property damage insurance. Show Management and its contractors will not be responsible for injury or damage that may occur to an exhibitor or his/her employees or agents, nor to the safety of any exhibit or other property against theft, fire, accident, or any other destructive causes. Please review the space contract for details.

Please be sure you have read the space application for your booth for all exhibition rules and regulations. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to adhere to all rules pertaining to your license agreement.

FREEMAN is the exclusive material handling provider on the exhibit floor. They will receive all shipments whether consigned in advance to their warehouse or sent directly to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Material handling includes return of your empty cartons and crates at the close of the Show. Please refer to the General Contractor section for more details.

If you plan to use your booth to conduct meetings before or after official Show hours, you must fax the following information to Matt Luke at 203-840-5434 or email mluke@reedexpo.com by Tuesday April 16th, 2013:

  • A letter requesting early access to the Show floor for non-exhibitor personnel. Please state the exhibiting company and booth number.
  • List the non-exhibitor personnel and type of badge they will be wearing.
  • State the time and date of the meeting (meetings cannot be scheduled prior to the show opening on Tuesday, April 23rd at 10am).
  • State the name of the exhibitor who will meet the non-exhibitor personnel at the entrance to the show, and escort them directly to the booth.
  • Access to the floor during non-show hours will be denied unless Show Management receives this written request in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: All attendees and booth personnel must have a badge to enter the exhibit hall. Please send your VIP tickets to your guests to register themselves, and use the Exhibitor Badge Form in the Exhibitor Badges section to register your booth personnel.

Show Management will provide perimeter security on the exhibit floor on a 24 hour basis during the entire period of the Show (including installation and dismantle). Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent losses; however the final responsibility lies with the exhibitor. If you have items in your booth that are vulnerable to theft, take advantage of the complimentary storage room to lock up your merchandise during non-show hours.

INTERPHEX 2013 will have standard show colors assigned to each of the corresponding sections. They are as follows:

Show Section: Aisle & Carpet Color:
Facilities Zone Green
Sourcing & Services Zone Purple
Automation: System & Controls Zone Black
Manufacturing & Packaging Zone Red

Sound level of presentation should be kept within the confines of the booth area and must not interfere with neighboring exhibits. Show Management will exercise their right to provide and maintain a fair exhibiting environment to all customers.

All telecommunication services including internet lines will be handled through the Jacob K.Javits Convention Center. Refer to Facility/Utilities section of this manual for order form.

Show Management will have personnel on hand throughout the course of the Show to consult with exhibitors regarding any bills received from service companies. If there is any question as to the charges made, please consult with our Show Representatives before paying the bill. Do not wait until after the Show to settle problems that can be easily resolved at the Convention Center.

Exhibitor Checklist

What to do and when to do it…

PLEASE NOTE: Double-check the dates for these services by going to the forms in this manual. Show Management will not be held accountable for any misprints to any of the dates that are listed below. The responsibility lies with the exhibitor.

Things To Do Or Order Do Before This Date – Discounts April Apply For Details & Order Form Date Finished
New Generation Furnishings March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Modular Rental Exhibits March 29, 2013 General Contractor
MIS Accessories March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Display Labor March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Hanging Sign March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Custom Signs March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Panels March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Booth Carpet March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Furniture Package March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Classic Furnishings March 29, 2013 General Contractor
Booth Cleaning March 29, 2013 Facility/Utilities
Request to Use an Exhibitor Designated Contractor April 2, 2013 Exhibitor Designated
Computer Rental April 2, 2013 Official Contractor
Exhibitor Badges April 5, 2013 Exhibitor Badges/Lead Retrieval
Electric April 8, 2013 Facility/Utilities
Plumbing & Air April 8, 2013 Facility/Utilities
Telephone/Internet April 8, 2013 Facility/Utilities
Hotel/Travel April 9, 2013 Hotel / Travel
Shipments to Warehouse April 12, 2013 General Contractor
Sales Meeting Request (in Booth) April 16, 2013 General Information
Shipments Direct to Show April 19, 2013 General Contractor

The following have no deadlines but the sooner you order the better…

Custom Attendee Mailing Lists ——Marketing Programs
Floral ——Official Contractor
Photographer —— Official Contractor
Hostess / Demonstrator —— Official Contractor
Audio/Visual Rental ——Official Contractor
Security ——Official Contractor

Show Management Contacts


General Show Inquiries,
Exhibitor Badges, Customer Service
203-840-9648 inquiry@interphex.reedexpo.com
Sales Questions
Pete Zezima – Group Sale Director 203-840-5447 203-840-9447 pzezima@reedexpo.com
Sofia Gakopoulos – Director of Statistic Accounts 203-840-5928 203-840-9928 sgakopoulos@reedexpo.com
Edward Williams - Sales Executive 203-840-5319 203-840-9319 ewilliams@reedexpo.com
Kristin Frank - Sales Executive 203-840-5388 203-840-9388 kfrank@reedexpo.com
Catherine Moulaison– Sale Executive 203-840-5976 203-840-9976 cmoulaison@reedexpo.com
Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
Michelle Oppenhimer 203-840-5445 203-840-9445 moppenhimer@reedexpo.com
Exhibitor Designated Contractor Inquiries
Darren Lyons 203-840-5432 203-840-9432 dlyons@reedexpo.com
Attendee Lists
Nydia Acevedo 203-840-5302 203-840-9302 www.REEDLIST.com
Operational Questions
Matt Luke 203-840-5434 203-840-9434 mluke@reedexpo.com
Conference Questions
Alycia Grenesko 203-840-5897 203-840-9897 agrenesko@reedexpo.com
Marketing Questions
Lauren Laramore 203-840-5958 203-840-9958 llaramore@reedexpo.com

Green Initiatives

INTERPHEX is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle approach to planning and producing our shows. Recycling waste, trash and other paper products and using recycled products are just a few of the steps we have taken toward "green" tradeshow experience.

For example sending out this Service Manual in a web based format conserves over 150,000 pieces of paper previously used for the 3-ring binder format!

Here are a few examples of what you can do to help the environment:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Sign your office up for a recycling program: paper, plastic, cans, etc.
  • Develop an online ordering system for your buyers.
  • Reduce marketing on paper by opting for more electronic communication, email attendees after the show.
  • Design your booth display to last for 5 years or longer using natural fibers.
  • Practice Green Purchasing where ever possible by specifying Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP). These products or services contain recycled content, minimize waste, conserve energy or water, and reduce the amount of toxics disposed or consumed.
  • Reduce packing material by utilizing recyclable materials and take advantage of convention center recycling options for packaging.
  • Donate extra amenities or promotional products to local charities rather than shipping them back or tossing them in the trash.

Reed Exhibitions has implemented the following programs and purchasing habits in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated and encourage our clients and vendors to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

  • We have successfully implemented Express Badge on many shows, allowing attendees to print their badge on demand at show site. This process reduces the printing and mailing of unnecessary badges.
  • Our offices are set up to recycle paper, plastic, cans.
  • We design a show look for a minimum of 3 year lifecycle and recycle graphics for the same period.
  • We have reduced paper communications both internally and externally by opting for electronic communication.
  • Producing an on-line exhibitor manual reduces our paper consumption by over 150,000 sheets on this show alone.
  • Where ever possible we partner with local charities to provide donation opportunities for our exhibitors as a way to "reuse" leftover products and merchandise, thus saving on packing materials and carbon emissions by not shipping home. A great way to "Reuse" material for a good cause.
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